About Us

Dialogue plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy democracy. A robust platform for conversations between people with differing point-of-view is necessary to allow ideas to flow from all directions. More importantly, there is a need for such conversations for people to understand each other better. While we are witnessing a time when ‘different’ is interpreted as ‘dangerous’, we believe that there is nothing more important than to be accommodative of ideas that are different, and this is only possible when we make an effort to understand the opposing view by having a civilized conversation.   

We believe that a country is neither divided nor is in danger when there are diverse ideas and opinions. A country truly stands divided when people with differing ideas stop conversing with each other. This creates fragmentations in society, and animosity takes root in the minds of people against everything they do not agree with. To avert such scenarios, people must develop a habit of freely interacting with others with different world-views without animosity or reservations. We, therefore, believe that we need platforms that facilitate civilized conversations among people. We need a place where people with all kinds of ideas meet without inhibitions in order to express themselves.   

"Guftagoo" is an effort in this direction, where we have tried to address the need to create a space that is open and welcoming to all. We intend to humanize the “opposing point-of-view” by indulging with it and giving it a platform to express itself. We will do it through our online platform, wherein we will bring out articles and opinions relating to social, political, and economic issues from various perspectives. We also accept contributions from people from all walks of life. We encourage our audience to send us your submissions and lend your voice of reason to create a conducive atmosphere for a friendly guftagoo.